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Gary and Granite United Way By Hannah Hamel



July, 25 2016


With a broad and enthusiastic smile Gary Shirk, our VP and Director of Operations declares, “You don't have to give a lot, it's the fact that you're giving at all that makes the difference.” For years Gary has been giving to United Way (a world wide non-profit) not only monetarily but by volunteering his time and talents as well. Seven of those years were served in various positions on the Merrimack County United Way, including a one-year stint as President. Then after a lapse of about ten years, just as Merrimack County was negotiating to join the Southern Region, Gary was asked to rejoin the Board and happily accepted. Gary then transitioned to the Granite United Way (GUW) Board when it was initially formed in mid-2010, and has been happily serving there since.

Once on the GUW board Gary began to make a push for fundraisers to focus on the individual donor in new ways. The workplace campaign allows individuals at companies to donate through payroll deduction to GUW. With his enthusiasm still very much present, Gary explains to me that “we live in a time where people move more frequently from companies. When this happens we (GUW) lose their donations that come from the workplace campaign.” Even though Gary appreciates the workplace campaign, he believes forming relationships with the individual will better coincide with the rapidly changing work culture.

Here at Bovie Screen Process Printing, we've been implementing the workplace campaign for three years and plan to continue offering this opportunity. Additionally, Gary and our President David Gintzler, graciously match every employee contribution to GUW and encourage employees who move to another company to continue with their donations.

Along with donating his time and abilities to the GUW Board of Directors, Gary serves on several GUW committees. Training loaned executives, serving on the finance committee, the impact committee, and the initial endowment plan, Gary has dipped his toes into many pools. By using his planning and strategic skills Gary has helped GUW to flourish. Growth, however, takes a community effort which Gary undoubtedly knows. “Besides wanting to give back, I'm mostly involved because I love their team.” Gary lights up, “They are all so well focused on what will bring a positive change, I'm encouraged by the direction they're going in right now. I really believe they're going to make a difference, and I'm proud to say that I'm part of that effort.” The pride and happiness Gary has for GUW is evident in his smile.

Just as Gary is proud to be part of the GUW team, we are proud to have him as our Vice President here at Bovie Screen Process Printing. A strong sense of community, generosity and philanthropy all help to improve our society and we're happy to have a Vice President who embodies those goals and sentiments.




If you'd like to learn more about Granite United Way and their efforts visit them at graniteuw.org


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