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Cut Vinyl Lettering: How We Do It




Custom-cut vinyl lettering, numbers, logos and graphics are often used as vehicle markings and window signage. This pre-spaced, pre-masked marking has found increasing application in electronics, medical and commercial fields. They are especially useful in larger logo marking of customer's products. Since the material is cast vinyl, it can conform to curved surfaces. There are many types of opaque reflective striping, custom-cut vinyl graphics, with high or low tack adhesive. Standard or clear transfer tape is applied so the graphics you receive are ready to apply. Sizes of vinyl lettering can be as small as 3/16” or as large as 48' with no seams.
How We Do It
Taking long life pressure sensitive vinyl, we computer cut the design required down to the liner of the material. The waste vinyl is peeled away leaving the copy and logos on the liner in position. A pre-mask material is then laminated over the whole decal. Upon application the original liner is removed, exposing the adhesive side of the vinyl. The pre-mask holds everything in position. The decal is applied to the final surface and rubbed down. The pre-mask is then removed and the decal is in position.


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