1 (603) 224-0561       info@bovie.com
1 (603) 224-0561       info@bovie.com

Printing on Customer Supplied Material

Dip Jar, and electronic tipping and donation appliance have chosen Bovie Printing and Fabrication for their product marking. The company's device allows customers to tip for great service using a credit card. It is also used to receive donations for charitable and medical associations.The company personalizes the units for the end users, in quantities of 50 to 1000. The markings use the Dip Jar logo and the name of the sponsor.




To read more about the Dip Jar Project check out their blog.


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Safety Bingo

Safety Bingo


As companies strive to become more successful and sustainable they are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of promoting employee safety. Our safety committee has been working on different ways to prevent injuries in the work place (we have been able to reduce the injury rate of our employees by 100% over six months). One creative way we have implemented injury prevention is by playing safety bingo; which allows employees to work as a team to make sure the work place is a safe place. Each day a number gets pulled however, if there is an injury in the building the game will stop and start over. The first employee to get bingo wins a prize; our prizes include paid time off, gas cards, grocery gift cards and cash. Creating a safer work environment results in happier, safer employees.


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Membrane Switches

Membrane Switches


Custom designed membrane switches are pressure sensitive input devices for activating and deactivating circuits. Printed on flexible, heat stabilized materials using conductive inks, they offer superior reliability, low-cost performance and increased graphic appeal.

We offer many different switches, whatever the industry application, from control panels to medical devices, electronics and machinery operation.

   Design Choices:

  • Embedded LEDs
  • Selective texturing and hard coating
  • Embossing
  • Backlighting
  • Transparent windows
  • Dead front graphics
  • Waterproof
  • Complete panel assemblies
    Polarized read out windows
  • ESD/RFI shielding
  • Tail length and exit points
  • Interconnect options
  • Rear mounting adhesive
  • Domes, Tactile and non-tactile
  • Silver Circuits


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